Live well.
Manage wisely.

Live well.
Manage wisely.

Live well.
Manage wisely.

Where people flourish. Where properties prosper.

Vita Residential is an accomplished property management company that puts people first. The entire team is committed, proactive, and experienced, with a proven track record of investing in the well-being of residents.

Vita brings “life” to properties through thoughtful resident enrichment that’s been carefully assembled to bring joy, motivation, and personal development to the forefront, so that residents can become the best versions of themselves. Each community is managed to become a profitable, efficient, and comfortable address for the residents and our investors.

Enriching lives through expert property management.

The Vita team.

Steve Sisson


Malinda Pearson

Vice President, Property Management

Dena VanLeuvan

Regional Property Director

Megan Beaulieu

Accounting Director

Forging strong, trusted relationships with lasting value.

Our associations.

Why we’re different.